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Your Modern Workplace Voice/VOIP  Specialists

We are a leading provider of advanced communication solutions tailored to meet the modern demands of businesses and organizations. With a strong focus on innovation and expertise, we proudly offer a range of services that empower seamless and efficient communication across platforms.

We are committed to reshaping the way businesses communicate. Our expert team, coupled with our certifications and comprehensive service offerings, make us your trusted partner for all your communication needs. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward enhanced connectivity and collaboration.

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TeamsTel Certifications

At TeamsTel, we hold distinguished Microsoft and Zoom certifications, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the realm of communication technology. Our Microsoft and Zoom certifications validate our deep understanding of these platforms and enable us to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.

Microsoft Teams Voice Services

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams with our Teams Voice Services. We seamlessly integrate voice capabilities into this collaborative platform, ensuring that you can make and receive calls efficiently while benefiting from advanced call management features.

Zoom Voice Services

Experience enhanced communication with our Zoom Voice Services. We enable you to leverage Zoom's video conferencing prowess while seamlessly integrating voice calling capabilities. This holistic approach empowers your team to communicate seamlessly, regardless of location.

VOIP Services

Harness the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with our state-of-the-art services. We specialize in providing reliable, high-quality VoIP solutions that allow you to communicate effortlessly across various channels while enjoying cost savings and enhanced connectivity.

Implementation Services

Our Implementation Services guarantee a smooth transition to advanced communication solutions. From Microsoft Teams Voice to Zoom Voice, our experts ensure that your chosen platform is seamlessly integrated into your workflow, maximizing your investment.


Our experienced architects design communication solutions that align perfectly with your organizational needs. Whether it's VoIP, Teams Voice, or Zoom Voice, we create architectures that ensure scalability, flexibility, and optimal performance.

Cloud-Based SBCs

Simplify communication with our Cloud-Based Session Border Controllers (SBCs). We leverage the cloud to offer secure and efficient SBC solutions, allowing you to manage and optimize communication sessions seamlessly.

Conference Room Solutions

Elevate your collaboration with our Conference Room Solutions. Our experts transform ordinary spaces into communication hubs, integrating audio, video, and conferencing technologies for seamless communication experiences.

VoIP Managed Services

Experience worry-free communication with our VoIP Managed Services. We handle the complexities of your VoIP environment, ensuring consistent quality, security, and reliability, so you can focus on your core business activities.

Trusted and Certified Implementers

We take pride in being trusted and certified implementers of both Microsoft Teams Voice and Zoom Voice solutions. Our expertise and certifications in these platforms set us apart as leaders in the field of modern communication technology.

As certified Microsoft Teams Voice implementers, we have the proficiency to seamlessly integrate voice calling capabilities into the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. This means you can rely on us to enhance your communication experience within the familiar environment of Teams, ensuring efficient call management, seamless voice communication, and advanced collaboration features.

Similarly, as certified Zoom Voice implementers, we have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly integrate voice calling into the Zoom video conferencing platform. Our expertise empowers you to leverage Zoom's renowned video capabilities while seamlessly incorporating voice communication, creating a holistic communication solution.

Our certifications reflect our commitment to providing you with the highest level of expertise and service quality. With our team of experts and certified implementers, you can be confident that your communication needs are in capable hands. Contact us today to explore how our trusted implementation services can transform your communication experience with Microsoft Teams Voice and Zoom Voice.

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