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Cost Effective Global SIP Trunks (Teams Direct Routing) with built in intelligent, advanced call routing

Direct Routing for Teams Phone System Overview

Microsoft enables Teams Phone System customers to easily configure voice services with your choice of Microsoft Calling Plans or certified Direct Routing SIP trunk providers.

TeamTel's Direct Routing SIP Trunks provide secure high quality PSTN voice services for Microsoft Teams Phone System at significant cost savings compared to Microsoft Calling Plans.

TeamsTel Direct Routing Service

Directly connected to Teams Phone System, TeamsTel Direct Routing SIP Trunk service includes: 

  • Up to 40% (or more) cost savings versus Microsoft Calling Plans

  • Ability to port existing numbers and choose new numbers

  • Support for Toll Free and standard telephone numbers 

  • Local and International calling

  • Enhanced 911 service

  • Simple web portal for provisioning and user management

  • TeamsTel's Deployment, Training and Support services

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