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Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect 

Operator Connect is the more recent addition to Microsoft’s list of solutions for calling functionality. The platform aims to enable enterprises to choose their own Teams PSTN carrier – similar to direct routing.

With operator connect, the focus is on using a PTSN service via a managed service model rather than handling things on your own through direct routing.

With Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, IT groups will be able to connect to their provider and assign numbers to their users through a Teams admin dashboard “Operators” tab. This means there is no need for any telephony expertise or carrier negotiations. If you already have a relationship with one of Microsoft’s many Operator Connect partners, you can maintain that relationship going forward.

Operator Connect is part of Team's commitment to delivering sensational calling experiences to suit every kind of company. The operator-managed system makes it easier to bring your operator into Teams with minimal headaches. You also get benefits like: 

  • Access to existing operator contractors, so you can minimize costs.

  • Quick and easy deployment, as it only takes minutes to connect and assign phone numbers to users. You can do everything in the Teams admin center.

  • Operator-managed infrastructure in Operator Connect means that your SBC and PSTN calling service technologies are managed by operators, reducing hardware requirements.

  • Enhanced reliability and support from operators such as excellent guidance, shared service level agreements, and more.

Operator Connect is already equipped with a wave of fantastic partners, including Intrado, Telenor, Verizon, Pure IP, Swisscom, BT, Rogers, and countless others.

Microsoft’s commitment to working closely with these operators allows for a more seamlessly integrated experience, and more partners will be added to the program going forward.  

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