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Microsoft 365 Security


Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 security compliance services for your business

Keeping your business secure is always number one priority, particularly when it comes to dealing with online file storage and data management.

Although Microsoft 365 offers one of the most comprehensive and safe security systems in the world, there are additional steps and additions you may wish to take to keep your organization compliant with GDPR regulations and in control of all sensitive information.

We offer Microsoft 365 security services as part of our packages, and can provide everything from cyber security advanced threat protection systems to emergency hacking response for compromised accounts.

Keep your business protected with TeamsTel, your Microsoft partner.

Microsoft 365 security compliance services, provided by US and Canadian experts

As with all our services, we offer a completely bespoke, customizable approach to Microsoft 365 security. Whether you simply require a security audit to overview your system, or require a complete overhaul of user accounts or an emergency tune up, we can help.

Our Microsoft 365 security services include:

  • Initial audit

  • Emergency hacking response

  • Secure Score training and optimization

  • Ongoing support from your TeamsTel specialist

  • Industry regulation and requirement compliance checks

We’ll implement Microsoft 365 security best practices so you can onboard good habits throughout your entire team. We’ll help train a Microsoft 365 security administrator to handle everything from creating user accounts to shoring up cyber security.

After an initial consultation, our team will provide audit logs to your organization and access to the Security and Compliance Centre. We’ll help set up features like multi factor authentication for user accounts and administrators to keep your company secure. We can also discuss best practices moving forwards, which might include a password expiry policy or a regular audit of the Microsoft Secure Score.

Whether you want to prepare ahead of time, or are dealing with a potentially compromised account, give us a call. We’re Microsoft experts and specialize in business IT systems – you’re in the safest hands with TeamsTel.

On-demand support
If you need us, we can help. We provide long-term support and emergency response for any Microsoft 365 issues.

Experts on call
Our team is made up of Microsoft-qualified technicians, consultants and specialists, and you’ll have access to all their expertise for your account.

Custom Security Service
We know that every business or organization is different, so we don’t offer a “one size fits all” approach. We’ll provide a tailored service providing just what you need.

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